The LiPRO Energy

The aim of LiPRO Energy

The core objective of LiPRO Energy is to manufacture the LiPRO HKW and to make it available to our customers. It is our concern to provide the operators a holistic approach, from planning through production to a “full-service” operation of the LiPRO HKW CHP plant. Additionaly we assist and provide our customers a comprehensive sustainable and local fuel supply concept, as well as with the overall project planning and management of decentralized renwable energy supply systems including the related service and maintenance. To those customers who do not have any experience so far with this kind of technology, lack of knowledge or are just sceptical for other reasons, we provide flexible contracting services like financing technical and economical operation service.

Vision and Motivation

Our aim is to make a significant contribution to prevent climate change and safeguarding the environment with our systems and decentralized renewable energy concepts. We hope that our LiPRO HKW can do its part to reach this goal, together with our customers, our techology and the combined experience of all project stakeholders we can meet ecological as well as economical demands in a sustainable and profitable way. We  believe in local, decentral and renewable energy systems combined with short and local value chains as an instrument for a sustainable economy and an equal wealth.

What does LiPRO stands for?

The name is derived from the essential components of the wood gasification plant: “lignin” as the main constituent of the fuel and the various process steps in the gasification process 1. “pyrolysis”, 2. “reduction” and 3. “oxidation”.