Jonas Zimmermann (M.Eng.)

(technical development)

  • Mechanical Engineer
  • In his Master Thesis the design and construction of LiPRO HKW has been prepared
  • Full time employed since 2012
  • Leading Developer of the prototype plant




Frederik Köster (M.Eng.)

(Project development, Fuel concepts and Business Management)

  • Forestry  Engineer & Engineer for Renewable Resources and Renewable Energies
  • In his Master thesis he investigated the ecological and economical impact of biofuel supply.
  • Part time employed since 2012, Full time employed since 2015
  • Previously, Technical Project Manager and Consultant for the management of biofuel supply chains (Forestry, SRC, Landscape maintenance)





Julian Fintelmann (B.Eng.)

(Finance and Business Management)

  • Business Administration and Engineering for Environment and Sustainability
  • In his Bachelor Thesis, the economics and market integration of the LiPRO HKW has been analyzed 
  • Full time employed since 2015
  • Previously, Project manager for energy optimization and efficiency