Innovative technology

The LiPRO HKW is the first market ready wood gasification plant with a multi-stage gasification process. In the LiPRO HKW the individual process stages are technically separated in order to selectively influence the process-specific conditions. Due to this technical separation, the variety of fuels can be significantly expanded. It ensures a stable process control, which brings many advantages. In particular, a tar-free gas, which can be easily combusted by our 30 kW electric and 70 kW thermal CHP engine. The innovative technology can open up new markets and revolutionize the wood gasification market.


We developed LiPRO HKW with an unique multi-stage wood gasification process with moving pyrolysis. This is a more agile, more robust and therefore more reliable technology. The main advantage are the technical separate process stages. It is individually automatically influenced in any process parameters, whereby a consistently high product gas quality can be ensured at different fuel quality. Through this innovation, the fuel diversity for the system has significantly been increased for the first time. This is due to the reliability of the system and the highly available unused fuel variations such as pruning of landscape management, residual wood and possibly other lignocellulosic waste materials from the recycling industry (residues from biogas and food industry).

  • LiPRO Holzgaswerk (Prototyp)

The development of LiPRO HKW was started in late 2012. After about half a year of prototype operation the plant was hooked for 24/7 operation to the grid by January 2014, a continuous improvement process proceeded throughout the construction and development period. Following the prototype commissioning still made constant optimization measures. So the technical state of the system is proven as ready for the market. Two plants have been sold now.